Sunday, June 6, 2010



This play named 'Beauty' was written by Carla Bethany.
This story is about 2 girls, Carla and Bethany. They are friends and Carla is the one who is very pretty, she is so pretty that most guys look at her, propose to her, call her.
In the other hand, Bethany, she is very smart but not a good looking girl.
In this story, Bethany gets the Genie in the lamp. She wishes for something like money.
However, she really wants to be just like her friend Carla, because it seems cool and nice.
She wished and got what she wanted, however, they were changed in to the other one.

After reading this play, I thought what if I could make my dreams come true, what dreams would I wish.. not sure, however, I would like to pray like give me the power to go through my future. Out figure does not remain forever, only inner beauty.
Also, beauty not only contains the outfigure but also knowledge and personality.
Also, there are always adventages and disadventages.


  1. You are beauty and you are smart.
    If you got the lamp, please offer me one wish.

  2. Your photos are beautiful, your thoughts insightful, and I think your prayer to have the power to manage your future is a smart one.

  3. "beauty not only contains the outfigure but also knowledge and personality", I agree with you.
    You are a smart and beautiful gial.